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Get the Goat / Cabras Da Peste (2021)

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Get The Goat is an upcoming Brazilian buddy cop Netflix original movie. The movie is directed by Vitor Brandt.
Get The Goat aka Cabras Da Peste will be arriving on March 18th 2021.

The buddy cop genre movie follows the hilarious story of two policemen who team up to do the impossible. Bruceullis is a cop who though hardworking, hasn’t been able to do anything big in his village. Celestina, a treasured goat of the village suddenly disappears from the village and Bruceullis decides to rescue the goat and sets off to Sao Paulo to bring her back.

There he meets a police clerk named Trindade who offers to help Bruceullis in order to find the goat. While working on the field isn’t a speciality of Trindade, he nonetheless agrees to hop into this journey. What starts off as a simple hunt for the goat turns out to be much complicated case involving drug traffickers and small time criminals. Will the duo able to save Celestina?

Get The Goat aka Cabras Da Peste stars Matheus Nachtergaele, Edmilson Filho, Leandro Ramos, Letícia Lima, Juliano Cazarré, Evelyn Castro, Falcão.

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