God Father

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God Father, Tamil film is streaming of Amazon Prime Video, the release date is not yet known.God Father, is a Tamil language thriller starring Lal and Natarajan Subramanium. The movie opened to mixed (mostly par for the course) response critically upon its release on February 21st, 2020.

God Father has nothing to with the namesake iconic Hollywood classic. It involves a gangster, and that is the only connection at a surface level. The story of God Father is about saving one’s child from the hands of a dreaded don, in short.

Adhiyamaan (Natarajan) is a typical middle class timid looking man who learns about an improbable situation. He has to save his son from the clutches of don Marudhusingam (Lal). The latter is after the former’s son because his son is dying and he can survive with the organ transplanting of the Adhiymaan’s kid.

How Adhiyamaan locked in his apartment and without losing his essential characteristics does all he can to face Marudhusingam. The narrative operates in a thriller fashion, set within the apartment. Who will win in the end, forms the core plotline?

The short length and intriguing premise from director Jegan Rajasekhar was unanimously appreciated. Ananya, Ashwanth Ashok Kumar, and G Marimuthu played critical supporting parts.



God Father