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Godman Web Series Online is Streaming On Zee5 Tamil With English Subtitles.Godman Webseries is a Tamil language original series starring Daniel Balaji in the lead role streaming online Zee5. The series will be premiering on June 12th, 2020. One can watch the show online on Zee5 Tamil. Godman, as the title suggests, is set in the religious background. It is about the power politics with in the setup. It also involves generous doses of sex, along with money and religion. The lead protagonist is played by Daniel Balaji. He vows to take revenge on the system via the devotees of the religion itself. It is especially directed more towards Brahmins, which gives a lot of potency for controversy. The core theme is about how a self-styled Godman misuses his power and popularity. How he tries to influence the prominent sections of the society leading to a fall of grace. Daniel Balaji will be seen in an author-backed role after a long time. Godman will also have the presence of Sonia Agarwal in the female lead. She was last seen in the web series Queen playing a key role. Jayaprakash and Marumuthu are also seen in pivotal supporting roles. Babu Yogeshwaran directs the series. He has in the past, directed the flicks Doss and Tamilarasan. Sathish and J Lakshman provide the score for Godman. Ilango Raghupati is the producer. Godman can be watched online on Zee5 Tamil from June 12th. Godman Tamil Web Series Online Watch Streaming Zee5

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  1. It is sad that most of them who write about films and web-series never mentions a word about the WRITER who is most important person in the project -he is the one who conceives the idea, converts it into a storyline, designs the character arcs and so on, all of which gets the investors to put their money in the script and bring it to the screen! OTT is a writers platform and its saddening that the writer never gets his due credits and ignored most of the time! If this makes sense please include a line about the writer Suresh Pathissery. Thanks.





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