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Halahal Indian Mystery Movie Is Streaming Online Watch on Eros Now, Release Date 21st September 2020.

This film is talks about themes of suicide and depression, please be advised. The film is inspired by real events, a fictionalized version of the discovery of the Vyapas Scam.

The film starts with a grieving father Dr. Sharma, who just attended the wake of his 23-year old daughter, who had committed suicide. The father doesn’t believe that his daughter could commit suicide and tries to get the police and journalists to investigate but to no avail. Desperate, he bribes an officer to help him investigate what happened to his daughter. This film follows these two men as they uncover a nefarious operation, which has been ongoing for the past 20 years.

This heart-wrenching tale of a father trying to uncover the truth behind his daughter’s death will definitely strike a chord among its viewers. The story line is also complex and it will pull the attention of every audience member and take them on a roller-coaster ride.

Cast: Barun Sobti and Sachin Khedekar.

Directed by Randeep Jha.

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