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Halal Love Story Indian Malayalam Language Film Is Streaming Online Watch on Amazon Prime Video Release Date 15th October 2020.

Much acclaimed young director Zakariya Mohammad has created another gem of a film; having released his film ‘Sudani from Nigeria’ back in 2018 to rave reviews. He has teamed-up with actor Indrajith to create this romantic comedy

Much of the film is shrouded in mystery, but Zakariya had mentioned that this film is set to be a comedy with undertones of romance. He also wanted to clear the air on the word ‘Halal’ which has been used extensively by the Kerala community, with many not understanding the true meaning behind the word. Using this word, he wanted to create a situational comedy as well as spread awareness regarding it as well.

Cast: Indrajith Sukumaran, Parvathy Thiruvothu, Joju George, Grace Antony, Soubin Shahir, Sharaf U Dheen, Abhiram Pothuval and Sidheek Kodiyathur.

Written by Zakariya Mohammed, Muhsin Parari and Ashif Kakkod.

Directed by Zakariya Mohammed.

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