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Haru-san – The Bride’s Father is a Great Detective Movie Streaming Online

Haru-san – The Bride’s Father is a Great Detective (2017)

Not Streaming in India

Dollmaker Haruhiko Kasukabe, nicknamed Haru-san, lost his wife Ruriko in an airplane crash 22 years ago and has been living with his only daughter Furi since then. It is the day of Furi’s wedding. However, Furi only told Haruhiko about the wedding a month before. Since the bridegroom had some trouble at his overseas job, he was only able to return to Japan the day of the wedding, so Haruhiko has not met him even once. What kind of man did Furi choose to marry, and why did she hide such an important thing for so long…!? Haruhiko, worrying over all this, shuts himself in his room and decides not to go to the wedding… then, something completely unexpected happens to him. His late wife Ruriko appears before him. The truth is, she has appeared at Haruhiko’s side many times before. What could be Ruriko’s goal…

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