Madhuri Talkies

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Director: Arvind Babbal

Key Cast: Sagar Wahi, Aishwarya Sharma

trailer-talk-terrifying-hard-hitting-glimpse-into-mx-players-new-show-madhuri-talkiesMadhuri Talkies is a hard-hitting rape-and-revenge drama, set in a backdrop of the city of Benares in UP. A woman is gang-raped and filmed by a gang of serial rapists who are habitual offenders. They rape a woman, film the act and then sell the video for monetary gains. The police is helpless in the face of the crimes, as a local politician-strongman is involved. The woman’s lover then takes matters into his own hands and goes on a revenge spree, killing all those involved in the crime. A gruesome, graphic and gripping show. Starring Sagar Wahi and Aishwarya Sharma. Directed by Arvind Babbal

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Madhuri Talkies