Phone A Friend

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Hindi Web Series Phone a Friend Is Streaming on zee5, Release Date 7th April 2020Varun Pandya (Akhlaque Khan) is a shy, introverted college professor who has been an underachiever all his life. He has no friends, and no one thinks highly of him, not even his own mother. Varun fancies his colleague at college, stalks her on social media but can’t drum up the courage to talk to her. His life changes one day when a weird incident takes place. His cell phone begins talking to him. And tells him that all cell phones have an artificial intelligence within them, and communicate with each other in a secret language which his all hidden from humans. Several phones have been given the task to communicate with their human owners to carry out some kind of testing on them. Varun’s phone’s AI, called Leonardo, begins communicating with him, and in the process, improves his personality and his life. Trouble brews in Varun’s rapidly improving world when Leonardo contacts Jiya Jaising (Swati Kapoor), Varun’s childhood crush and communicates with her, impersonating Varun. How will matters pan out in the end?

Starring RJ Mantra, Swati Kapoor, and Akhlaque Khan

Directed by Allyson Patel and Yash Dave.



Phone A Friend