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Get ready folks because Netflix is ready to make Halloween month really exciting and fun this year. Why are we saying this? Because Netflix just released the trailer for their upcoming horror comedy film Hubie Halloween which stars Adam Sandler in the lead role, he also serves as the co writer and co producer of the movie. It is directed by Steven Brill. Plot The movie revolves around a man named Hubie who is a naive and good natured bloke. He always helps other and takes extra precaution for everyone specifically on the Halloween night every year. Despite having a cheerful and helping personality, he is a butt of all jokes in his town where everyone makes fun of him and picks on him. Even the police have stopped taking him seriously due to his over complaining regarding simpler things. But suddenly on on the night of Halloween people start to disappear and it is known that a notorious criminal has escaped from prison and might be the one behind the disappearances. Hubie tried to inform the police who doesn’t take it seriously. Hence Hubie takes it on himself to save the people and the town which he loves. Cast The film has an ensemble cast :- Adam Sandler in the lead with Kevin James, Julie Bowen, Maya Rudolph, Ray Liotta, Steve Buscemi, Rob Schneider, Michael Chiklis, Kenan Thompson in supporting roles. Noah Schnapp , Shaquille O’Neal also play crucial roles in the film. The trailer is out, go check it out as it is available on YouTube as well. The movie is scheduled to release on October 7th in Netflix.

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