I’m Thinking Of Ending Things

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I’m-Thinking--Of-Ending-ThingsI’m Thinking of Ending Things American Psychological Horror Film Is Streaming Online Watch on Netflix With English Subtitles, Release Date 4th September 2020 This movie marks Charlie Kaufman’s first directorial film after five years since his stop motion animated, critical hit film Anomalisa. Kaufman is known to tackle universal themes in his movies such as the meaning of life, self-identity & mortality and this film is no different. It has been adapted from the 2016 debut novel of Canadian writer Ian Reid, by Kaufman which is titled the same. The film follows a couple, Jake and his girlfriend as they drive to meet Jake’s parents at his childhood home. On their way over, things are not quite as they seem and upon reaching their destination, the pair are thrust into a situation where the fabrics of reality, love and memory are pushed to it’s limit. Kaufman says loneliness, hopelessness and regret are the main themes of this movie. Starring: Jessie Buckley, Jesse Plemons, David Thewlis and Toni Collette Directed by Charlie Kaufman Adapted for the screen by Charlie Kaufman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDTg62vsV4U