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Iruttu is a Tamil language horror movie. It hit the cinemas on December 6th in 2019. While it belongs to the horror genre, it is not a comedy, and there is a serious investigative angle to the story. Set against a scenic backdrop of a hill station, Iruttu takes off excitingly. It sets the tone for an intriguing horror thriller on cards. A mysterious dark cloud dissents on a pleasant location and stays for some time. During the same period, five deaths occur. The local cop is also burned to death. A new cop, Chezhiyan (Sundar C as an actor after two years), enters the location with his family to take charge. There are no fingerprints and other clues related to a typical murder. How Chezhiyan solves the crime in the basic story of the movie. The premise offers intrigue, and there is a neat suspense set to be unveiled. Director VZ Durai takes a commercial approach with the whole ghost and investigation angle. It results in dilution of the overall impact. Sai Dhansika, Vimala Raman, and Sakshi Choudhary are the female leads in the movie. Girishh G provides the music. The horror thriller was produced on the banner Screen Scene Media Entertainment. Iruttu Thriller: https://youtu.be/h9ZKnjRsMps

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