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Kaagaz - ZEE5-

Kaagaz (2021)

  • Category: Film
  • Genre: Drama
  • Language: Hindi
  • Streaming Date: 07 Jan 2021
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Kaagaz is an upcoming drama movie which is directed by the veteran actor Satish Kaushik. The movie will be arriving on Zee5. Kaagaz is based on a true story of a man named Lal Bihari Mritak.

The movie is produced by Salma Khan under the banner of Salman Khan Productions. Vikas Malu and Nishant Kaushik also serve as co-producers.

The movie follows the story of a man named Lal Bihari who finds out that he has been declared dead officially through government records despite of him being alive and well. He tries to get his identity proof from the revenue office when he learns of this incident. Now Bihari becomes confused so as what to do and then his journey begins where he decides to fight a case against the law to prove that he himself is alive and not dead.

The story is based on the real life incident which happened in Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh where a man named Lal Bihari was declared dead. He fought the case for around 19 years after which his death certificate was annulled and he was declared alive. Afterwards he changed his named and added ‘Mritak’ which means deceased ahead of Bihari.
The makers have dug out an inspiring story from the real life incident and it just horrifies oneself just from thinking about such an incident happening to someone.


The movie stars Pankaj Tripathi in the titular character of Lal Bihari Mritak. Satish Kaushik, Monal Gajjar, Mita Vashisht and Amar Upadhyay also plays pivotal roles in the movie.

Release Date

Kaagaz will be releasing on 7th January 2021 on Zee5.

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Kaagaz - ZEE5-online

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