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Kaali Khuhi (2020)

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For Indian Viewers, the Halloween month just got interesting as Netflix announced the official release date of their upcoming horror drama film Kaali Khuhi. The movie is directed by Terrie Samundra while it is produced by Ramon Chibb and Anku Pande.

The movie revolves around a village of Punjab, where from generations there has been the case of continuous female infanticide. Kaali Khuhi tells the story of a 10 year old girl named Shivangi who starts to see a ghost of a young of her age. The spirit is continuously targeting the people in the village who were involved in the female infanticide practice. Now it is upon Shivangi to save the people in her town.

The movie stars the legendary Shabana Azmi in the lead role with Riva Arora, Satyadeep Mishra, Sanjeeda Sheikh, Leela Samson and others.

Netflix has released an official teaser for the film which looks chilling and interesting at the same time. Do watch the teaser, one might expect Netflix to release an official trailer in the coming weeks.

Kaali Khuhi will be available to stream on Netflix from October 30th 2020.

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