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Kalavu-Tamil-Movie-Streaming-Online-Watch-on-Zee5-With-English-SubKalavu is a Tamil language thriller starring Kalaiyarasan in the lead. The movie opened to decent reviews when it started streaming from February 9th, 2019. The film can be watched online on Zee5.

Kalavu is a screenplay based thriller where the suspense is held well until the end. There are three sets of characters and worlds, and they all collide to form the narrative.

On the surface, Kalavu is an investigative thriller. Police are following the tracks of finding the killer of a murder. However, it progresses uniquely that separates it from the standard movies in the genre.

Sujith, Ramesh and Stephen are friends who are drunk. The movie opens with them being in a theatre. A few seconds later, it is revealed that they are suspected in a chain-snatching case. Then, they try to escape the police, thinking they would be fined for drunk driving. Little did they know that they would be followed in a murder trial by an inspector?

Murali Karthick directs Kalavu. Karunakaran, Gautham Harikrishnan, Venkat Prabhu, Vatsan Chakravarthy, Abirami Iyer, and Chinni Jayanth play the critical parts in the thriller. KS Sundaramurthy provides the music. Diliban M Sengottian and IB Karthikeyan jointly produce the film Spicy Cool Impressions and Big Print Pictures banner. The different thriller is available to watch online on Zee5.