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Kaly Malayalam movie online watch

Kaly, Malayalam Movie Is Streaming Online Watch On Amazon Prime Video With English Subtitles.

Kaly is a Malayalam language thriller starring a bunch of youngsters in the leading roles. The movie opened with mixed reviews when it hit cinemas theatrically on February 9th, 2018. The film can be watched online on Amazon Prime Video.

The story of Kely is about a group of lower-middle-class boys. They rob used clothes and shoes occasionally to make a living. As is usual with plots involving such characters, the narrative is about what happens when one such attempt of robbery goes wrong, and nothing happens as planned.

The mixing of thrilling elements with a realistically looking set up and multiple characters brings forth an uneven narrative. The second half where the proceedings focus on the boys and cop is the heart of the movie. The thrills are well placed and executed, and it leads to a twisty ending.

Najeem Koya directs the movie. He also acts as co-writer along with Arouz Irfan. Shebin Benson, Vidya Vijay, Anik K Reji, Indian Pallassery, Shalu Rahim, Suhaid Kuku play the youngsters. Aishwarya Suresh is the female lead in the movie. Joju George appears in the scene-stealing act as a cop.

Rahul Raj gives the music for the thriller. Prithviraj Sukumaran, Arya, Santhosh Sivan, and Shaji Nadesan jointly produce the movie on August Cinema banner. The thrilling drama is now available to watch online on Amazon Prime Video.

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Kaly Malayalam movie online watch