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Kannad Gothilla Kannada Movie Is Streaming Online watch On Amazon Prime Video with English subtitles, The Release Date Is May 21st, 2020.

Kannad Gothilla is a Kannada language crime thriller starring Haripriya in the lead. The movie opened with poor reviews when it hit the cinemas on November 22nd, 2019. It is streaming now on Amazon Prime Video.

The title of the movie is a direct hint at the theme of the movie. It means one doesn’t know Kannada, the language. The film, therefore, is about non-locals who reside in Bengalooru, Karnataka. One by one a total of nine people get killed mysteriously.

Harshavardhan is initially assigned to solve the crime. However, he makes no headway into the killings. It leads to a special officer Shruti Chakravarthy (Haripriya) brought in to investigate. She goes about the process in her typical style and finds a clue to progress ahead. How Shruti Chakravarty finds the culprit and puts an end to the case is the basic plot.

Mayura Raghavendra directs the movie. He also provides the story, screenplay and writing for the thriller. Besides handling all those departments, Mayur Raghavendra also plays a critical part. Sudharani and Dharmanna essay the other vital supporting roles. Nakul Abhyankar provides the music. Kumara Kanteerava produces the flick on Shri Ramaratna Productions banner.

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Kannad Gothilla