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Kannada Film Dia is streaming on Amazon Prime Video, release date 8th March 2020Dia is a heart-warming Kannada language movie that released in February earlier in the year. It is a love story told from the perspective of girl Dia. Kushi plays the titular protagonist Dia.

The love story Dia opened to great critical acclaim for its heart-warming and sensitive portrayal of love. The female perspective presentation further gives it a unique feel. Dia is about rediscovering love after a tragic incident.

Director KS Ashoka, in his sophomore attempt, has come out with a love story that is sure to tug the emotional strings of the audience. The uniqueness of the movie is the director’s capability to bring emotions without getting into the commercial zone. There are no songs, but one doesn’t miss them due to terrific background score by B Ajaneesh Lokanath.

The three young leads, Kushi, Prithvi Amber and Dikshit, have all come out with exceptional performances. The entire narrative rested on their acts and the delicate handling of raw emotions by the director. Pavitra Lokesh and Deekshith Shetty play other vital roles.