Nanna Prakara

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Nanna Prakara MovieNanna Prakara is a Kannada movie in the mystery thriller genre. An unknown woman’s body is found in a burnt car and Inspector Ashok (Kishore) must investigate what seems to be a clear case of murder. In the meanwhile, two girls file a missing person’s report at the police station for their friend Vismaya (Mayuri). It turns out that the dead woman is Vismaya, and the needle of suspicion points towards her boyfriend (Niranjan Deshpande), who is arrested. But there comes a surprising twist in the tale, after which Inspector Ashok goes after the real culprits.

Starring Kishore, Priyamani and Mayuri Kyatari, Arjun Yogi, Niranjan Deshpande, Pramod Shetty and Girija Lokesh

Directed by Vinay Balaji



Nanna Prakara