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Rated 4.5

KappelaKappela is a Malayalam language dramatic love story starring Anna Ben, Sreenath Bhasi, and Roshan Matthew. The movie opened with mixed reviews on March 6th, 2020, when it hit the cinemas.

Kappela is a simple love story filled with the drama of ordinary lives. Jessy (Anna Ben) is the charming yet gritty girl from a typical lower middle class. All she cares about is having a smartphone instead of the old model she uses. Her life changes when she gets the mobile phone and dials the wrong number.

Vishnu (Roshan Mathews), a rickshaw driver, picks the call made by Jessy. Initially, there is a war or words, but soon it leads to a friendly conversation and love. On the other hand, there is Roy (Sreenath Bhasi), a ruffian, who is smitten by Jessy’s charm and personality. He brings forth a marriage proposal through a common family friend Benny.

When Jessy known about the marriage, she decides to meet Vishnu and marry him. What happens next is the basic plot of the movie.

Muhammad Musthafa directs Kappela. Sudhi Koppa, Tanvi Ram, Sudheesh Kozhikkode, Navas Vallikkunnu etc. play vital supporting roles. Sushin Shyam provides the music to the movie. Vishnu Venu produces the film on Kadhaas Untold banner.