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Kathbirali is a 2020 Bengali language film from Bangladesh. It is a romantic and emotional drama, centred on a young and good-hearted villager Hasu. Hasu doesn’t have a family and so he considers his entire village as his family. He has two people who are very close to him – the love of his life, Kajol, and his best friend Anis. Things are going well for Hasu, and he is about to get married to Kajol, when an unlikely event throws his life into chaos. He reaches a crossroad in his life when he has to choose between his love and his friendship. What will he choose? Starring Asaduzzaman Abir, Orchita Sporshia, Saeed Zaman Shaon, Shilpi Sarkar Apu, AK Azad Setu, Shahriar Ferdous Sajib, Hindol Roy, Tanjina Rahman Tasnim Directed by Niamul Hasan Mukta https://youtu.be/m26yJHynlDE

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