The Most Interesting Person in The Room

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Kenny Sebastian's Stand up Special The Most Interesting Person in The RoomThe Most Interesting Person In The Room is a stand up comedy special by Indian comedy star Kenny Sebastian. Kenny’s special focuses on his musical style of stand up comedy. We have seen him make his audience laugh while he plays his jokes on his guitar. He is known for his antics and his original style which is also termed as Alternative Comedy. The paavam boy has takes on very mundane things such as a maid and a water bottle that can make us imagine in ways we did not know. In this special, Kenny trips on chappals and compares hopes and dreams to the harmonium. Sebastian has a hilarious set on how his views on the people close to him have changed ever since he turned 28. He also shares his frustration with flightless birds, certificates of participation and birth certificates. This stand up special was shot in October last year and was a part of Kenny’s stand-up comedy tour, where he performed at several locations all across India. Kenny has a way of performing which just really shows his personality. His sets are well written, witty and packed with jokes. In this quarantine, laughs are all we need. Starring: Kenny Sebastian