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Kilometers and Kilometers (2020)

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After the release of the Jayasurya starrer Sufiyum Sujathayum digitally, Kilometers and Kilometers becomes the second Malayalam movie to get an official OTT release in the aftermath of the pandemic. The title refers to a popular dialogue from the 1986 Mohanlal film Mazha Peyyunnu Maddalam Kottunnu.

The comedy-drama travel film follows two people as they travel across India from Kerala to Khardung La. Cathy, an American who won a lot of money in Vegas has travelled the world and her last travel destination is India. She meets Josemon, a man grieving his father’s death and trying to shoulder the responsibilities left in the wake of his father’s demise. Josemon ends up being her guide during their journey. During this journey, their personalities clash amid culture shocks and they both gain new perspectives. They form a unique bond of friendship despite their vast differences.

Film Exhibitors United Organisation of Kerala (FEUOK) has allowed the movie to be released on an OTT platform rather than pushing for it’s theater release.This is because of the piracy issues the movie faced after parts of the movie were leaked online, which had happened a month or so prior. Starring: Tovino Thomas, Joju George, India Jarvis, Sidhartha Siva and Basil Joseph. Directed by Jeo Baby. Written by Jeo Baby and Deepu Pradeep. Produced by Anto Joseph Film Company and Ramshi Ahamed Productions

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  1. A very well made movie. A little but too emotional at times but have portrayed the ethos of Indian culture very well. Atithi Deva Bhava to Satyamev Jayate can be experienced through the wonderful journey. Moreover, if you are a bullet lover, it’s a treat.

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