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Netflix has a lot of content from all over the world and there library holds content from all genres. Netflix from the past one year has been investing in real life events and historical dramas. And they are once again bringing a brand new show named La Révolution. This is an upcoming historical French Netflix original series. The show’s setting is revolves in an alternate history. The show initially began it’s production in 2018 and is finally getting a release date.


La Révolution revolves around the era of French Revolution in the year 1787. Here the patriarchal society era is at large where the ones in power think that the people beneath them are supposed to be their servants. With series focusing on real historical events, there will be a uprising moment for the slaves who come together for their rights. The movie also follows a separate plot point where the future Inventor of Guillotine discovers a disease called Blue Blood which actually turns the blood blue of the infected and this is considered harmful in the society. Due to this many Common people have been killed by the people in power. All the storylines will come to a meeting and then will lead to what we known as the French Revolution.


The cast of the show are as follows :-

Amir El Kacem, Lionel Erdogan, Marilou Aussilloux, Laurent Lucas, Julien Frison, Gaia Weiss, Coline Beal and others.


An official trailer for the series has been released by Netflix and it is available on YouTube as well. Audience are loving the trailer and which has increased the hype for the show. It has already garnered more than 450k views on YouTube. Do check the trailer out!

Release date

The show is all set to arrive on Netflix on October 16th 2020.

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