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Layla Majnun is an upcoming Netflix Original Indonesian romantic movie. It has been directed by Monty Tiwa. Tiwa along with Alim Sudio has served as the writers of the movie.


The movie follows a young woman named Layla who is a scholar and gets a job as a lecturer in Azerbaijan. But as she is about to move to the city, a marriage proposal comes for a her and her father is ready to give into it. But Layla puts forth demands that she would like to continue with her teaching job once in Azerbaijan.
Layla arrives at Azerbaijan and falls for a man named Samir who coincidentally is her student as well as a worker for her to be husband, Ibnu. The two grow closer but Samir realises that Layla has already fixed her marriage to Ibnu. The two go through several obstacles in their journey for each other and that makes the movie.


Reza Rahadian, Acha Septriasa, Baim Wong, Dian Nitami, Beby Tsabina and others.

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Layla Majnun is based on the popular folklare of the doomed lover Majnu and Laila and draws inspiration from that. The story is set in the city of Azerbaijan and delves deeper into the lives of two lovers who are on a constant battle with their society and inner demons.

Layla Majnun will be arriving on Netflix on 11th February 2021.

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