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Love & Anarchy (2020)

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Netflix is back with an another swedish series titled Love & Anarchy. This is going to be Netflix’s second original series from Sweden, previously being Quicksand which released last year. Love & Anarchy is written and directed by Lisa Langseth and is produced by the native production company FLX who previously produced Quicksand as well.


The story focuses on Sofie who is a career oriented consultant and mother of two, living her life with her husband. One day she gets an opportunity to modernize a publishing house and there she meets a young IT Tech Max. He records a video of Sophie and asks her to obey his dares if she wants the video to be deleted. The two hit it off after continuously challenging each other on tasks which is deemed as unorthodox in modern life. What starts off as a small challenge eventually turns out to become more daring and with the continuous urge to out smart each other sparks flow between them.


Ida Engvoll and Björn Mosten in the lead with
Reine Brynolfsson, Björn Kjellman, Johannes Bah Kuhnke and Gizem Erdogan in supporting roles.


Netflix has released an official trailer for the show. It is also available on YouTube and is garnering mixed reviews from the audience. Do check the trailer out.

Release date

Love & Anarchy will be releasing on Netflix on November 4th 2020.

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