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Love And Monsters American Action Adventure Film Is Streaming Online Watch on Netflix, With English Subtitles, Release Date 14th April 2021.

Initially titled ‘Monster Problems’, this action adventure comedy was slated for a March 2020 release, which got shifted to April 2020 in October 2019. But then the pandemic hit everywhere and the film producers announced that the movie will be available on demand from October 20th 2020. The film managed to run in a few theaters during a weekend in October 2020 as well. The film got decent reviews from critics with many calling it a movie which can be proudly stand alongside cult films like ‘I Am Legend’, ‘A Boy and His Dog’, ‘Zombieland’, ‘Tremors’ and ‘Stand by Me’.

Joel and Aimee are two high school sweethearts who suddenly find themselves in the middle of a monster apocalypse. When they both return home, their parents drive off in opposite directions, in hope of finding some safety for their family. This leads them to get separated and then Joel loses his parents to the monsters. Seven years after the apocalypse, Joel along with the rest of humanity is underground, ever since the giant creatures took control of the land above. When he discovers that Aimee is still alive and living in a colony 80 miles away, at a coastal colony, he decides to venture out to Aimee, the only person he knows from his past who is still breathing.

Cast: Dylan O’Brien, Jessica Henwick, Dan Ewing, Ariana Greenblatt and Michael Rooker.

Written by Brian Duffield and Matthew Robinson.

Directed by Michael Matthews.

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