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Mahira-Kannada-MovieMahira is a Kannada language crime thriller starring Raj B Shetty and Virgina Rodrigues in the lead. The movie opened with mixed reviews, mostly on the positive average side, upon its theatrical release on July 26th, 2019. The film can be watched online on Amazon Prime Video.Mahira Movie Online Watch

Maya and Adya are a mother and daughter pair. They live happily in their world, which is somewhere in the coastal Karnataka. Their normal life is disturbed when two different sets of people come knocking the doors.

It is then revealed that Maya and Adya are on the run. Maya is a most wanted criminal that is on the radar of both the police and the underworld. Who is Maya? What does the investigation reveal? While the enemies are after her, is she able to save her daughter forms the core plot of the movie.

Mihira is director Mahesh Gowda’s debut attempt. Chaithra Achar, Balaji Manohar, Dilip Raj, KP Shridhar, Gopal Krishna Deshpande play the vital supporting parts. Nilima Rao and Rakesh UP provide the music whereas Midhun Mukundan gives the background score. Vivek Kodappa produces the movie on The Jackfruit Productions banner. The action thriller in Hollywood style is now available to watch online on Amazon Prime Video.

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