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Mamakiki - Zee5

Mamakiki (2020)

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Mamakiki is a Tamil language romantic-comedy movie online on Zee5 starring Ramesh Thilak and Nalan Kumaraswamy in the lead. It is streaming directly on Zee5 from May 30th. Mamakiki is the third movie acquisition of Zee5, in the recent past which includes a Telugu and a Hindi movie. Like the previous two, it is also a delayed project of several years. The story of Mamakiki revolves around four college friends. They meet after a few years at a reunion and recount their experiences during that time. One of the buddies, Mani, wants to become a director and narrates the story (with actually getting to it) to Nalan Kumaraswamy. The hilarious bit has been used in the trailer, and the movie promises many more such moments. Apart from RJ Thilak Ramesh, and Nalan Kumaraswamy, Mamakiki also features Preetha Anandan and Maanas Chavali in buddies group. Swaminathan, late Cheenu Mohan, Madhuvanti Arun etc. play the critical supporting parts. G Radhakrishnan directs Mamakiki. Parts of the movie are also helmed by Shree Karthick, Vadivel, Sameer Bharat Ram and Karthik Siva. Jakes Bejoy and Vishal Chandrasekhar provide the music. The rom-com will stream on Zee5 from May 30th, 2020. Sameer Bharat Ram produces the film on Super Talkies banner. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvJWttpvp4s Mamakiki Movie Online Watch On Zee5

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Mamakiki - Zee5

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