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Manoharam, Malayalam Movie Is Streaming Online On Amazon Prime VideoManoharam is a Malayalam language comedy cum drama starring Vineeth Srinivasan in the lead. The movie opened with decent reviews when it hit the cinemas on September 27th, 2019. The film is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Manoharam deals with the theme of relevance. It is about Manoharan (Vineeth Srinivasan) a creative poster artist situated in the village of Chittilamchery. His talent does not get any recognition there. With the change of time, it becomes a question of relevance.

Manoharan fondly called Manu gets the shock of his life when his fiancé elopes just before the day of the marriage. His outdated profession is cited as the reason. She did not have enough trust in him to take care, financially with what he does. The impact is further compounded when Manu learns that she has married cousin of his childhood rival.

How a dejected Manu succeeds in life personally and professionally by acquiring new skills is the basic plot of the movie.

Anvar Sadik directed the light-hearted feel-good drama centring on a relevant theme. Aparna Das, Indrans, Deepak Parambol, Basil Joseph, Jude Anthany Joseph etc. play the crucial supporting parts. Sanjeev Thomas provides the music. Jose Chakkalakal and AK Sunil produced the movie.

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  1. A perfect lead and appealing theme of relevance dealt in a funny yet dramatic way turn Manoharam into a breezy easy one-time watch. It tends to drag a bit at times but never turns into a hindrance marring the narrative.

Manoharam, Malayalam Movie Is Streaming Online On Amazon Prime Video