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Mariposa, Indonesian film is streaming online, watch on Netflix with English subtitles, release date 4th March


Mariposa is a romantic comedy and drama, that centres on the love between two young people.

Mariposa is a butterfly species in Indonesia. For Acha (Adhisty Zara), Iqbal (Angga Yunanda) is like a Mariposa butterfly. No sooner does she try to get closer to him, than he runs away from her. He is smart, intelligent, handsome, but aloof and cold. He is also a high-achieving student.

Acha falls hard for Iqbal, and she determines to win his love at any cost. What she doesn’t realise is that the reason he is aloof and cold with her is because of family pressure and obligations.

Will Acha be able to win his love, and will Iqbal be able to overcome his family troubles to return Acha’s love forms the rest of the story.

Starring: Angga Yunanda, Adhisty Zara, Dannia Salsabila, Abun Sungkar

Directed by Fajar Bustomi

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Mariposa Movie Streaming Online

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