Marvel’s 616

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Marvel’s-616-American-Documentary-Series-Is-Streaming-Online-Watch-on-Disney+Hotstar,-Release-Date-25th-September-2020.Marvel’s 616 American Documentary Series Is Streaming Online Watch on Disney+Hotstar, Release Date 25th September 2020. Disney is releasing an anthology series which will cover various Marvel Comics related topics. For the first time, Marvel is providing an insight into the thought process of the story making and art creation process by telling us the stories behind the stories we read. Every episode will have a differing theme varying from Marvel’s ‘forgotten’ characters and the era of women in comic books to multiple world-spanning artists. Each episode has a unique director, which explores the intricacies of story telling, pop-culture and fandom within the Marvel Universe. Created by David Gelb. Produced by Marvel New Media with Supper Club.



Marvel’s 616