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Meat Eater Season 9 (2021)

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Meat Eater Season 9 Part 2, an English docuseries is streaming online, watch on Netflix, streaming on 17th February.


Steven Rinella is an author, cook, and conservationist who takes us to some of the remote places in the world.

Meat eater can be called a hunting television series where Steven Rinella will capture the game (meat) and bring it straight to the table as you get a look into his methods. He has traveled to some of the most secluded areas in the world and has lived by the philosophy of field to plate where he kills, captures, and cooks the meat.

The show is a big hit among hunters and those who love the great outdoors as it also shows us some important survival skills eclipsed with the beautiful scenery of the outdoors, something that a lot of us have forgotten after a pandemic which feels like it has lasted for ages now.

Starring: Steven Rinella

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