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Mee Raqsam (2020)

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The film is a special tribute to renowned poet Kaifi Azmi by his well-known cinematographer son Baba Azmi. It is based in poet’s hometown Mizwan, a small town near Lucknow. The story of the film revolves around the relationship between a father (Danish Husain) and his teenage daughter (Aditi Sharma). How he supports her talented daughter’s dancing dream despite living in a conservative society is what the film is all about. The crux of the story lies in the fact that going against all odds the father-daughter duo liberates themselves from the shackles of religion to fulfil a dream. Starring : Danish Husain, Aditi Sharma Directed by : Baba Azmi

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  1. Danish is sole crusader to keep the plot on track …less of dance technicality movie more clash of the communal feudal system

Mee Raqsam Movie Streaming Online Watch on Zee5

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