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Meka Suri (2020)

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Meka Suri is a two-part crime thriller web series. The story is based in a village where Suri, a butcher with an above average height of 6’3″ lives with his wife. He is quite popular in the village for his amazing knife skills which makes people refer to him as ‘Meka’ Suri. But one day things take a wrong turn when his wife, Rani, gets murdered. The rest of the story is about finding who was the murderer and how Suri avenges the death of his beloved wife. This is an action thriller with crime genre at its core. Starring : Sumaya and Abhinay Directed by : Trinadh Velisala https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1zj5cw9cHg

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Meka Suri Movie Streaming Online Watch on Zee5

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