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Miss India (2020)

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Keerthy Suresh’s Miss India after many wobbles has finally gotten a release date as they have cracked a deal with the streaming giant Netflix. The movie will be arriving on 4th November 2020.


The movie follows Samyukta ( Keerthy Suresh ) who since her childhood has wanted to become an entrepreneur. While she is gifted to become a successful businesswoman, she has had very little support even from her family who have continuously downplayed Samyukta’s desire to open her business. Instead, they want to pursue her career in safe jobs.

Samyukta instead gets an idea to open a start-up of selling Indian Tea in a foreign country. Her idea works and soon she becomes a hit in the market. But she is met with Jagapathi Babu’s character who believes that Women cannot do business and thus she’ll face difficulties in the market. He continues to intimidate her, but Samyukta takes it on her pride and challenges him that her destiny is in her hands and she might even surpass him.

Full of determination and self-belief, Miss India is a story on women empowerment, focusing on Samyukta who with her self-belief is on the journey to make it big.

Cast:- Keerthy Suresh, Jagapathi Babu, Nadhiya, Rajendra Prasad, Kamal Kamaraju, Naveen Chandra, Naresh, Sameer and others.

Director:- The movie has been helmed by Narendra Nath.

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  1. There is nothing good about the film except for the intention. Keerthy Suresh does well while Thaman rocked with his Back Ground Score. Yet another case of OTT saving the theatrical business.

Miss India Movie Streaming Online Watch on Netflix

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