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Namaste Wahala (2021)

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Namaste Wahala, an Indo-Nigerian film will be streaming online watch on Netflix, streaming on 14th February.

Namaste Wahala is the story of an interracial romance that has to overcome all the odds to sustain itself.

Namaste Wahala is the story of Raj and Didi who fall in love with each other and everything seems smooth sailing until the point where they have to tell their parents about their relationship with each other. Raj and Didi both come from different parts of the globe with different cultures and traditions but are united by love.

All the hiccups that are faced in such a romance are on display in this title as it aims to highlights all the obstacles that are to be faced.

Starring: Ini Dima-Okojie, Ruslaan Mumtaz, Richard Mofe-Damijo
Directed By: Hamisha Daryani Ahuja

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