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Naukar Vahuti Da Movie Streaming Online Watch on Amazon

Naukar Vahuti Da (2019)

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Naukar Vahuti Da, Punjabi Movie Is Streaming Online Watch On Amazon Prime Video, The Release Date Is May 25th, 2020. Naukar Vahuti Da is a Punjabi language dramedy starring Binnu Dhillon and Kulraj Randhawa. The movie opened with poor reviews when it released theatrically on August 23rd, 2019. Shivinder (Binnu Dhillon) and Neetu (Kulraj Randhawa) are a newlywed couple. Soon, they have a kid. Shivinder is a songwriter and makes video songs for a living. However, he is not able to devote time to the family, which leads to a frequent clash between husband and wife. One day the wars of words escalate and Neetu leaves Shivinder with their daughter. Sometime later, after Shivinder sees some success, he starts missing Neetu and daughter. His attempt to bring them back turns out futile. In a desperate move, with the help of his friend, Shivinder turns into an older man and enters as a driver in his in-law’s house. How he wins over the love of his daughter, first and then the wife is the basic story of the movie. The core plat of Naukar Vahuti Da owes a lot to the Bollywood movie Chachi 420 starring Kamal Haasan. It incidentally was a remake of his Tamil movie, Avvai Shanmughi (Bhamane Satyabhamane in Telugu). Smeep Kang directs Naukar Vahiti Da. Jaswinder Bhalla, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Upasna Singh etc. play the supporting roles. Gurmeet Singh provides the music. Rangrezaa Films produces the family entertainer. https://youtu.be/HI6cNfu9ctA Naukar Vahuti Da Punjabi Movie Streaming Online Watch On Amazon

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