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Night Stalker - The Hunt for the serial killer (2021)

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Night Stalker-The Hunt for the serial killer, an English Netflix original docuseries is streaming online, watch on Netflix, streaming on 13th January.

Night stalker is the story of a merciless serial killer who terrorized the state of California with the sheer gruesome nature of his crime.

Night Stalker is a Netflix original docuseries that tells the true story of Richard Ramirez who was convicted on 13 counts of murder in 1989. Richard Ramirez spent a significant portion of his life raping and torturing over 25 victims. When you hear the list of crimes that have been committed by this man one starts to shudder in pain and horror.

Netflix has always sought to show us the real story behind some of the most controversial and gruesome people in history and this docuseries is another in a long list of titles that feature the same premise.

Directed by: Tiller Russell

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