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Nirontor 2020Nirontor is a Bengali language drama starring Prosenjit Chatterjee in the lead. The movie is going to be the first Bengali film to release online on a streaming platform. Nirontor can be watched online on Zee5 Premium from June 28th. Nirontor is a simple tale of a bond between two people. They are Biplab and Bhaskar. The former is a middle-aged engineer whereas the latter is his project assistant, much younger in age. Biplab and Bhaskar have unique personalities. The age factor further divides them with unique worldviews. An unexpected situation brings them together. They have to find a location for building a new resort. It is a remote mountain range place where there are even no phone signals. The two have no other choice but to talk to each other. How a relationship forms between, Biplab and Bhaskar is the crux of the plot. Chandrasish Ray directs Nirontor. Ankita Majhi plays another crucial supporting role in the movie, which has minimal characters. Avijit Kundu provides the music for the experimental flick which has been doing the rounds of various Film Festivals until now. Prosenjit Chatterjee also presents the movie on Nideas Production banner. The film is now available to watch online on Zee5 Premium.

Nirontor 2020