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Nisabdham-Tamil-Movie-Streaming-Online-Watch-on-ZEE5Nisabdham, originally released in 2017, is making its premiere online from 03rd July on Zee5. This emotional film is about how a child had to suffer the pain that she shouldn’t have to and how helpless parents are broken to see their child in that situation.

The film revolves around Aadhi (Ajay) and Aadhira (Abhinaya), a happily married middle-class couple living in Bangalore. Their world crashes around them when their eight-year-old daughter, Bhoomi (Sathanya) is sexually abused and left grievously injured by a drunkard while she’s on her way to school on a rainy day. Even as they battle to bring back Bhoomi to normalcy, the couple is forced to handle the glare of the media and take steps and ensure that the perpetrator doesn’t go scot-free.

This film does a rare wonderful job in shedding light on the inner trauma and psychological fracture the victim and his/her family suffers in such tragic situations and not only on how such burning social issue affects the society. It talks about child sexual abuse and tells how a child and her family try to handle this horrific situation, and also points fingers at the law, which, it says, is ineffective when it comes to dealing with the perpetrators.

Nisabdham is a 2017 Indian Tamil social drama film who’s score and soundtrack is composed by Shawn Jazeel. This emotional movie will be available on Zee5 from 03rd July, 2020. Watch the movie to find out, will the family be able to put their lives back on track?

Cast : Ajay, Abhinaya, Baby Sathanya , Kishore, Ruth.

Writer & Director : Michael Arun