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O Pitta Katha is a Telugu language romantic comedy with crime elements. It released only a week and a half ago (March 6th). The reviews were mixed with most giving it a digital watch recco.

Venkata Lakshmi (Nitya Shetty) is bubbly girl next door who is a single daughter to father Veerraju. She is dotingly brought up with an entitled air around her. Enter Krish (Viswant) into her life, and soon, father and daughter fall for his likeable and lovely presence. One day, Krish proposes to marry her, and everyone seems to be happy until Venkata Lakshmi goes missing.

Veerraju and Krish file complaint at a police station regarding the missing Venkata Laksmi. On further enquiry, a new character Prabhu (Sanjay Rao) is revealed in the lives of daughter and father. He is supposedly stalking her. A new evidence surfacing shows Prabhu’s involvement in Venkata Lakshmi’s missing.

Who is really behind Venkata Lakshmi’s mysterious disappearance? Is she dead? What did Krish do to solve the issue? How everything is connected with a criminal mindset forms the crux of the plot.

O Pitta Katha has limited characters. Brahmaji is the only other notable name apart from the principal roles. Chendu Muddhu makes his directorial debut for the movie which was produced by Bhavya Creations. Pravin Lakkaraju provided the music.

O Pitta Katha Teaser ft. Viswant, Sanjay Rao, Nitya Shetty & Brahmaji.
Directed by Chendu Muddhu & Produced by Anand Prasad

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O Pitta Katha