Operation Nakshatra

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operation nakshatram movie online watch-Operation Nakshatra, Kannada Movie Is Streaming Online On Amazon Prime Video With English Subtitles. Operation Nakshatra is a Kannada language action thriller starring Niranjan Wodeyar, Aditi Prabhudeva, and Yagna Shetty in the lead. The movie opened with poor reviews when it hit the cinemas on July 12th, 2019. The film can now be watched online on Amazon Prime Video. Srikanta is a business tycoon with multimillions at his disposal. He is married for the second time, to a much younger Smitha. However, there is no denying that he loves Roshini, daughter out of the first wedding, very much. Everything seems to be okay in the life of Srikanta. However, he gets the jolt of his life when Roshini falls in love with a gym instructor. What happens next might looks simple, but it isn’t as a game of deceit begins with many players surrounding the millionaire. Where the story leads eventually with many twists and turns is the basic plot of the movie. Madhusudhana KR takes care of story, screenplay and direction of the movie. Likhit Surya, Deepak Shetty, Srinivas Prabhu, Victory Vasu etc. play the supporting roles. Veer Samarth provides the music. N Nandakumar, TS Aravind Murthy, Radha Krishna, and Kishore Megalamane jointly produce the film. The action-thriller is now available to watch online on Amazon Prime Video. https://youtu.be/rAJ6WjAg6GI

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