Pressure Cooker

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Pressure-Cooker-Telugu-Movie-is-Streaming-on-Aha-Video,-Release-Date-8th-MarchPressure Cooker is a Telugu movie that deals with the obsession of specific Telugu parents with the US. No matter what, they want their kids to go to America and settle there in a big way, economically.

Kishore (Sai Ronak) is one such guy who is brought up by his father with US obsession. On his part, Kishore tries a lot, but he fails. One fine day he decides to go Hyderabad and try his luck there, through US Consulate.

In Hyderabad, Kishore stays with his friends in their apartment. He meets an elderly couple there whose kids are well settled in The US. The misfires with the US visa continue for Kishore, with one of them leading to jail. The track involving the elderly couple throws some surprises with their kids arriving in India.

All the while, Kishore falls in love with a neighbourhood girl. All these various incidents happening in the life of Kishore lead to him making an ultimate decision.

Sujoi and Susheel directed Pressure Cooker. The music provided by various composers is a major highlight of the movie. Preeti Asrani is the female lead in the message-oriented film. Tanikella Bharani, CVL Narasimha Rao, Sita, Rahul Ramakrishna and Rajai Rowan played are seen in supporting parts.



Pressure Cooker