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Project Papa is a family drama and slice-of-life film, which is slow-paced and thought-provoking. It centres on a young entrepreneur who one day suddenly realises that while she was busy building her business, her father has been aging too quickly, growing older and fading away. She realises that he’s hardly the person he used to be. That is when she realises that before she loses her father and this time with him completely, she must devote herself to him, just like he did when she was younger and needed him.
Thus begins her Project Papa. She puts her life on hold, gets together with her best friend and spends all her time with her father, giving him love, attention and memories – the things an aging person needs more than anything else. It is a warm, intimate story of the love that exists between a father and his daughter. It leaves behind the lesson that how much ever you build a bright future, what matters is the now, the little joys in life and the time you spend with your loved ones to build memories and not assets.

Starring: Rajit Kapoor, Kanika Batra, Rakesh Batra, Sneha Kapoor and Anaitha Nair
Written and directed by Kanika Batra

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Project Papa