Rameshan Oru Peralla

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Rameshan Oru Peralla, Malayalam Movie Is Streaming Online On Amazon Prime VideoRameshan Oru Peralla is a Malayalam language drama starring Manikandan Pattambi in the lead. The movie opened with a positive response from critics when it hit the cinemas on August 16th, 2019. The drama cum thriller is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Rameshan Oru Peralla is about the eponymous Rameshan played by Manikandan Pattambi. He is a newly joined taxi driver. It wouldn’t be much of a problem, generally, but for him, it involves a lot of tension as he has a little hearing loss. With a supportive family and friends, Rameshan begins his journey, eventually.

Through the course of the day, Rameshan, as a taxi driver meets several different personalities. Just when he starts getting the hang of things and begins to enjoy it, there is an expected jolt. It involves youngsters hopping onto his taxi. Rameshan is also the kind of person who never backs away from any situation that needs his help. What did they do that brings Rameshan to the wrong side of the law? How does he overcome the situation and what happens to the youth is the basic plot.

Sujith Vigneshwar provides the story, and screenplay apart from directing and producing Rameshan Oru Peralla. Divyadarshan, Rajesh Sharma, Krishnan Balakrishnan, Shailaja Ambu, Shyam Reji, Lakshmi Sree etc. play the critical supporting roles. Gemini Unnikrishnan provides the music.

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  1. The opening half an hour feels eternity, but if one can move past that, there is an engaging fare with good writing until the end. It is a decent watch in the end with no big names and works on the strength of content alone.