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Rasbhari,-Hindi-series-is-streaming-online-on-Amazon-Prime-Video-with-English-subtitles,--release-date-19th-JuneRasbhari is a web series in the Hindi language, set in the backdrop of small-town India, in the city of Meerut. A new English teacher arrives at the local school, where a young teenager Nand becomes fascinated with the beautiful English teacher, Shaanu Madam. The boy soon discovers that his new English teacher has a sexy alter-ego named ‘Rasbhari’. Swara plays the role of the English teacher, while Nand is played by young actor Ayushmaan Saxena, of Bombay Talkies fame. Under the garb of the coming-of-age story of Nand, Rasbhari is a powerful indictment of regressive notions such as patriarchy, suppression of female sexuality and the ilk. It is a social satire that plays out through the medium of the various characters – the infatuated Nand, the teacher Shaanu Madam, who is compelled to keep her sexuality veiled in order to adhere to societal norms, the slut-shaming people who take the moral high ground when confronted with sexually expressive females, and lots more. The series has been created by Applause Entertainment, the content arm of the Aditya Birla Group of Companies. Starring Swara Bhaskar, Ayushmaan Saxena, Rashmi Agdekar, Pradyuman Singh, Neelu Kohli and Chitranjan Tripathi Directed by Nikhil Bhatt Written by Shantanu Shrivastava