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Riding with Sugar

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    27 Nov 2020
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Riding with Sugar is streaming online, watch on Netflix, streaming on 27th November.

Riding with Sugar is the story of a young, black refugee who is steadfast in his approach and has a single-minded vision to achieve his dream of becoming a BMX pro.

Joshua comes from a very humble background, but that doesn’t stop him from dreaming of big things. He tries his best to become a BMX pro but has to face the demons of his past as well as the perils of the present. The background music in the recently released trailer will give you chills and perfectly goes along with the struggles and inner chaos of the character in frame.

Every man has to face a situation when his dreams crash into reality, and Joshua is no different. Will he be able to prove his worth to those around him and himself or will he falter when it matters the most.

Starring: Hakeem-Kae-Kazim, Charles Mnene, Simona Brown, Hlayani Junior Mabasa.

Directed by: Sunu Gonera

Written by: Sunu Gonera

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