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Navdeep Run - Aha VideoRun Telugu Movie Streaming Online Watch On Aha App Video with English Subtitles Run is a Telugu language thriller starring Navdeep in the lead. It is all set to release on May 29th, 2020. It will be streaming on Aha Video App. Run is a thriller where a husband is accused of murdering his wife. Navdeep plays the husband in the newlywed couple. The police suspect him immediately due to some circumstantial evidence. The character of Navdeep realizing that he might be framed escapes from them. He starts his investigation while on the run. There are six suspects. Who is the killer? Will, the police get hold of the husband before he catches the real murderer? Who killed his wife, Shruti? The answers to these questions form the narrative of Run. Run is the second outing of Navdeep on Aha Video App. He was previously seen in the well-liked web series Masti’s backed creatively by director Krish. Run is also the second original movie presentation on Aha Video App. Lakshmikanth Chenna, who previously made the Kannada movie Navaratri directs Run. Pujitha Ponnada, Venkat, Amit Tiwari, Mukhtar, Kausalya, Shafi, Madhunandan etc. play vital supporting roles. Naresh Kumaran provides the music. Rajeev Reddy produces the movie in First Frame Entertainment banner. Run Telugu Movie Streaming Online Watch On Aha App Video with English Subtitles

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  1. Starts off well but quickly fails. It is a horror experience as the movie slips into the second half with the climax being unbearable. Skip it!

Navdeep Run - Aha Video