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Shivaji Surathkal (2020)

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Shivaji Surathkal Kannada Movie Streaming Online Watch on ZEE5 With English Subtitles Release Date 07th August 2020 Also known as Shivaji Surathkal: The Case of Ranagiri Rahasya, the film is a mystery thriller. The story follows a police officer, Shivaji Surathkal (Ramesh Aravind) who is assigned to investigate the murder of state’s Home Minister’s son Roshan who died in Ranagiri under mysterious circumstances. Things start getting weird and complicated when he starts unearthing the secrets and mysteries of the place while himself dealing with severe internal conflicts. How he unravels the mystery surrounding Ranagiri and catches the perpetrators forms the central theme of the story. The film has been produced by Anup Gowda and Rekha KN. There are also talks of making it a franchise with plans to produce a sequel to the film. Starring : Ramesh Aravind, Aarohi Narayan, Radhika Narayan, Vinay Gowda, Surya Vasishta, Avinash Directed by : Akash Srivatsa

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