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sighteless-- Netflix

Sightless (2021)

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Sightless, American English language movie, with subtitles, releasing on 29th December, streaming on Netflix


The movie is based on the short film of the same name, by Cooper Karl. Ellen, a violinist who loses her sight due to an assault needs to relearn everything about life without her eyesight now. Clayton the caretaker appointed for her by her brother starts taking care of her and teaches her to increase other sensory powers of hers. As life changes around her she realises there are way more to the present situation of hers than she imagined it to be. As she starts to connect with her neighbour, she feels like things are not what it seems like. Another attack on her makes her feel like she will go through another loss once again. As she wakes up from the attack she believes that someone close to her is changing the things around her and making her believe in things that aren’t there. Riveting psychological thriller that will make one doubt their own senses for a while.

Starring: Madelaine Petsch, Alexander Koch, December Ensminger, Jarrod Crawford and more
Directed by: Cooper Karl

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sighteless-- Netflix

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